Published Works

Poetry and Prose

re:visitingunion square before clocking in, and spoils (Armstrong Literary) – dead boys //  live city

print out and B L O O D F E A S T (Brine Issue 1) – angela merkel could daddy dom putin

art of cruelty index and Here’s Grishka (free at TLDRMagazine) – spoken like a true peasant

virginia is for lovers ($3.99 Digital Copy of Issue #4 of Necronomicum) – an erotic poem

River of Love ($11.99 Lovers and Other Strangers #6) – Flash fiction based off a found photograph.

Coming Home ($2.99 Digital Copy in Issue #32 of Niteblade$2.99 Amazon Kindle Version in Issue #32 of Niteblade) – Does Love conquer Death or does Death conquer Love?

[broken/unavailable] chariot (Free at Buhito Press) – a visual poem

[broken/unavailable] a meeting on the hudson (Free at Calliope Magazine) – a poem on those lost and found

marsyas (Free at Silver Birch Press) – part of an abandoned suite

endymion (Free at Silver Birch Press) – part of an abandoned suite

Queens in Pieces ($10.81 + S+H at Amazon for Too Much: Tales of Excess) – A recollection in three parts. You can also watch a video of Senia reading this.

From the Sea ($3.50 for the issue of Hoax) – A story of a mermaid.

age 5 (Free at Oddball Magazine) – A recollection on that which is unseen.

Trash Bag (Free at Cville Winter) – A poem on trash bags and other things.

Gauze Doll (Free at Gone Lawn) – A forgetful soul sees a strange film.

Bodhisattva (Free Digital Order from Collective Fallout, $6 Print Order from Collective Fallout) – A bank robber ponders the lengths of love.

No Life King (Free at Tattoosday) – A poem structurally inspired by The Prince of Rivers by Craig Teicher.


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